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I will give you honest feedback about your project and advice about what steps you need to take to move toward being successful. Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @5toclose and then send me an email with your project link. I also love to tweet about crowdfunding projects that I like.


Pre-Launch Planning

Pre-launch planning is the MOST important piece to a great campaign. Do the hard work up front and reap the rewards when you launch.

Paid (Media Coverage 1)

NO RISK! If I accept your project I will help you get media coverage. See my past success. You only pay if I am able to land articles. See pricing.

Gigs on Fiverr

I've got a number of gigs on Fiverr to help promote your crowdfunding project. From advice to tweets to media coverage. Go to Fiverr gigs.

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Need more help? I occasionally take on projects where I am more involved throughout the length of your campaign. Contact me to discuss.

Recent Successful Media Coverage


swivelCard (project lead)

Belay Cords (media coverage)

Verve2 (media coverage)

Woozy (media coverage)

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Prices for Help Getting Media Coverage

There are a lot of crowdfunding PR sites out there that charge up front for vague "promotion" strategies. I feel like you should only be charged if I am tangibly able to help you get the expsoure you are looking for. So, if I accept your project, I am taking the risk myself. You only pay for articles that I am able to get written for you. Prices are determined based on visits the publication receives per month (based on current statistics from Unfortunately, due to the high demand for my consulting sevices, I just can't accept all projects. Please contact me with a short description and a link your project. I will take a look at it and let you know if I am able to accept your project for this media coverage service.

Monthly Traffic

5M+ visits/month -- (Mashable, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Wired, etc...)
1M+ visits/month -- (Ars Technica, VentureBeat, BGR, Re/Code, T3, etc...)
500K+ visits/month -- (Ubergizmo, Geeky-Gadgets, Tuaw, Geekwire, etc...)
100K+ visits/month -- (TechNewsDaily, Technabob, LockerGnome, etc...)
50K+ visits/month -- (many niche blogs in industries with focused traffic)
Any articles published on sites that get less than 50,000 visits per month are free.


$425 per article
$275 per article
$175 per article
$80 per article
$40 per article